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Koenigsegg to Produce an Affordable Supercar for the Masses

It doesn’t exactly take a rocket scientist or automotive engineer to figure out that one of the things preventing most folks from purchasing most supercars is the price barrier. With this, there are certainly companies who aim to take advantage of the gap in the marketplace of buyers who want a supercar but just simply don’t have seven figures to spend on one.

The Chevrolet Corvette, for example, has been held in high regard as a machine that performs just as well as some of these million-dollar machines all at a price point that is a lot more affordable. The latest Corvette starts at around $60,000 and has even found itself in the mid-engine territory, emulating the majority of the supercar market.

This has led some to wonder why there aren’t more supercar manufacturers who want to reach out to the masses. At the end of the day, one can only sell so many million-dollar cars. Sure, it would be a balancing act to not devalue the high-end machines while producing a model that’s more affordable but we would think that at some point, some of these prestigious companies would dip their toes into more affordable offerings.

It appears as if the company that’s planning to take that idea on is none other than Koenigsegg. Currently, the company is known for its limited production supercars that start at about $1.7 million. However, the brand has said that it’s growing bigger than its production margins. In other words, the idea around the watercooler at Koenigsegg is that more cars would equal more money instead of catering higher dollar offerings to the elite few.

This time, we get the first taste of the “Koenigsegg Raw,” a model that could eventually become a cheap supercar from the manufacturer. At this point, it’s kind of hard to pin down actual specifics but this is a developing topic that we would definitely keep our eye on. More details about this cheap supercar can be found in the video below from Quickshift Cars.


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