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Kye Kelley Drops First Test Footage of New Shocker and it Looks Stout!

In an unfortunate twist of events a couple of months ago, fans would watch as Kye Kelley’s monstrous Shocker Camaro would go down and go down hard. We’re not going to recap the entire timeline here but if you want to see more about what happened in the testing session that went wrong, we’d recommend this article. The long story short, though, is that while Shocker was making its way down an unfamiliar racing surface, it would end up wrecking beyond repair.

It wasn’t long, though, before Kelley jumped back to action. Just a couple of short months later and we are now looking at the next version of Shocker to make its presence felt on Street Outlaws and at No Prep Kings.

Those who have been following around have probably noticed that the fan favorite has really been running a tight schedule recently. As some of the bigger names in racing are involved in a variety of different promotions and television shows, things can get rather hectic. In fact, Kelley himself was just in Las Vegas, testing some of his street cars for Street Outlaws: End Game.  Fresh off of that trip, there was no rest for the racer as he had to jump right back into it, preparing this new Shocker to get ready to do battle.

In a recent video from the Kye Kelley Racing YouTube channel, we will get to ride along with this test session as Kelley takes the car to Jeffers Motorsports Park to test it out and see how everything went. As is usually the case with a racer on this level, there are bound to be a few things that are going to need a little bit of adjusting and ironing out. It’s just the nature of the beast when the cars are this fast and complex. However, what Kye probably wasn’t anticipating is that the adjustments weren’t limited to the race car in this instance but instead his trailer as well.

By following along with the video below, we get yet another slice of the behind-the-scenes action that helps us all appreciate just how hard some of these racers work to make their operations come around full circle.


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