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Kye Kelley In After Shock vs Monza’s Twin Turbo Camaro! Huge Fireball

Last year, the Street Outlaws franchise spun off another series that caught on pretty well with the television audience. No Prep Kings followed several of the original stars of Street Outlaws, some of the guys from Street Outlaws New Orleans, and the biggest names in the world of No Prep track racing across the country as they competed at various tracks for huge payouts and chased a season-long points series.

The show connected well with the viewers and is now filming for season 2, and the first race of the season is in the books. While it will still be a few months before we see the results on television, those who know where to look (hint: you’re off to a great start if you’re reading this) can find the results well ahead of the show airing on Discovery Channel months down the road.

Jerry “Monza” Johnston’s gorgeous Sinister Split Bumper Camaro was destroyed in a crash last year – watch for that episode coming up on this season of Street Outlaws – but he’s rebuilt and has a new home for the twin turbo powerplant he recently switched to. The car looks basically identical to its predecessor except it’s wearing a coat of matte black instead of the gorgeous gloss black that dripped of of the original Sinister Split Bumper Camaro.

While Kye Kelley gained his reputation on the back of his third-gen Shocker Camaro, he’s built a late model Camaro just for no prep racing on the track. Dubbed Aftershock, the new car is built to meet the rules of the no prep world and should be more than capable of going rounds alongside the biggest names in the sport once all the bugs are sorted out.

However, as you can see in this video, there’s at least one more bug that needs to be squashed, and it rears its ugly head just a second or so into Kye’s race with Monza. While nitrous backfires are generally harmless for the most part other than the occasional bent butterflies, but they do indicate there’s an issue with the tune that needs to be sorted out.