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Kye Kelley Tests New Build “Claude Banks” in the Deserts of Vegas

For those who have been paying attention, they’ve noticed that the Street Outlaws crew has been setting their sights on a new frontier. With the likes of Street Outlaws: End Game, racers will leave their high-dollar race cars behind and take on a challenge in the form of street machines. The idea behind the new show is to take things back to a simpler time, building cars that are more relatable in the process. Not only will these machines be handy when it comes to throwing down in competition. The machines should also be able to take on the job of a cruiser and even daily driver as well.

With these new builds, we have found that plenty of them have been getting a good amount of attention. One member of the crew that this certainly applies to is Kye Kelley and his G-Body build that goes by the name of “Claude Banks.” Not only are we sure that this nitrous-assisted G body is going to boogie down the streets. The car also looks the part as well as the sinister machine mirrors the vibe that we get from Kelley’s Shocker Camaro as well.

This time, in the name of getting this new combo ready to hit the streets, its owner is taking the car out to Las Vegas to get a little bit of testing done. Believe it or not, even with most experienced builders, no car is perfect right off the bat. Therefore, it takes lots of data, testing, and tuning in order to make sure that everything is in line when it really comes time to throw down.

Down in the video below, we check in with another vlog from Kye Kelley Racing that takes us to the scene of the action, showing us some of the hard work invested to get the G-Body to the finish line both figuratively and literally.


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