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Kye Kelley’s “Shocker” vs The Fireball Camaro! No Prep!

In the world of grudge racing there are definitely a list of names that you just have to be respected, Kye Kelley most definitely has to be somebody that you’re going to think of on your shortlist. “The Shocker” Chevrolet Camaro has definitely made enough waves to help Kye climb the ladder to success and dominance.

This time, Kelley is going head-to-head with another Camaro of a little bit newer variety known as “The Fireball.” Both of the cars in this juicy combo will most definitely provide a little bit of competition at this no prep event.

As the competitors stage and get ready to rock, the suspense builds before they both lay into the throttle and give it their all as the old school meets new school battle unfolds with both of the bowties wheeling their way down the track, blowing the tires off and making a great show along the way.

Check out the video below that shows these two going head to head in a battle that even has a piece flying off of Kelley’s car! As if the intensity from a throwdown like this wasn’t enough, those extra elements get tossed into the mix to make this thing even more of a slobber knocker to watch!