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Kyle Larson Four Crown Nationals USAC Sprint Car accident

Kyle Larson Four Crown Nationals USAC Sprint Car accident

Check out this replay of Kyle Larson’s accident in the USAC Sprint Feature back in 2012 at the Four Crown Nationals. This is about as intense of a sprint car accident that you’re going to get from the sport, so naturally we had to revisit the event and share it.

It all starts off as a normal crash. NASCAR driver Kyle Larson catches a few edges in the dirt and runs into the wall. When he get sideways and even when the car rolls over it looks like nothing more than an accident. Surely no accident should be taken lightly, but this one appeared as if it would be chalked up as part of the job description.

All changes when out of nowhere comes driver, Mitch Wissmiller who runs into Larson, launching him up into the air and run of the mill crash turned severely violent quickly. Obviously Wissmiller was left with nowhere to go which led to this unfortunate situation.

Luckily all parties involved were able to walk away and continue racing another day.


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