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Kyle Larson Goes for a Wild Ride, Rolls Multiple Times

When it comes to racing, one never knows what kind of situations they will end up getting tangled in. One moment, everything could be going smoothly. The next, a driver might just be upside down. That would end up being exactly the situation for NASCAR driver, Kyle Larson, during one of his endeavors in a sprint car.

As Larson would push his car around a turn at Springs Speedway, it would appear as if he came out simply too wide. Before he was able to correct this incident, his car would end up colliding with the wall. It wasn’t much of a bump but the friction between the rear tire and the wall was enough to turn the car sideways. Before he knew it, the machine was flipping over several times.

The scene was rather shocking as the vehicle seemed to be rotating more quickly than we could count. However, at the end of it all, Larson did appear to be alert when he made his way away from the vehicle. Incidents like this are really a testament to modern safety equipment. This is a wreck that would’ve almost certainly spelled out serious injury in years past.

It turns out that Larson agreed.

He would later head to Twitter, telling fans that “Had a bit of a tumble last night. Feeling surprisingly not too bad. That’s a huge thanks to @AraiAmericas, @SimpsonRacing Hybrid Pro and seat belts, @BUTLERBuilt, @Justin_insley King Chassis. Oh and my parents for making me drink lots of milk growing up.”

The video can be seen down below. This one certainly had everybody in attendance holding their breath to make sure that everything was alright. Luckily, this one panned out in such a way that would have Larson safely racing another day. This is a crazy day that he won’t soon forget!

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