Steve From Welder-Up is Blown Away at How this Chick Blows Through The Gears on Her Rig like a BOSS

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, there’s nothing like rowing through the ...

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, there’s nothing like rowing through the gears when driving to up the awesomeness of the experience exponentially. Typically, manual transmissions have four, five or six gears, but the trans in a big truck can have up to eighteen speeds, and some may have even more.

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While those close ratios are needed for moving the tons of cargo these trucks deliver, they also make for a lot of fun for the driver, especially when they happen to be awesome with the clutch and shifter.

In the video below, Steve from Welderup is along for the ride in some kind of big rig with a stick shift slinging lady from Fass Fuel Systems. This girl can straight up get down when it comes to banging gears, and she doesn’t mind showing off her skills for the camera, which in this case happens to be Steve’s phone. As soon as she drops the hammer, she begins working the clutch at swapping gears like crazy, bringing the truck up to speed pretty dang quick considering how many gear shifts there are and how massive this truck is.

Steve is obviously impressed, as am I, with this girl’s ability to row through the gears like a champ, leaving no doubt that she knows exactly what she’s doing. The truck sounds awesome too, leaving us kind of wishing we knew more about the truck itself. There doesn’t appear to be a sleeper, so maybe it’s a day cab, the type of truck used for short hauls that don’t require the driver to sleep in the truck. There also isn’t much out front of the drivers compartment, so it seems like this almost has to be a COE, or cab-over-engine design, which makes it infinitely cooler than pretty much any other truck on the road just because cab-overs are pretty rare these days and totally badass!

#FASSFriday Ripin through those gears like a BOSS! Thanks, Welderup Steve Darnell for the video!

Posted by Fass Fuel Systems on Friday, September 22, 2017

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