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LaFerrari gives John Cena a WrestleMania feeling!

To many, the WWE is seen as nothing more than fake wrestling, however, while the outcome might be predetermined, it certainly still is an accomplishment to be able to climb all the way to Wrestlemania. It’s pretty much the climax for any wrestler in this lane and is something that’s not easy to come by whatsoever. So you have to think that for something to be comparable to this life accomplishment, it would have to be pretty darn good, right? Some wrestlers might even tell you that it’s impossible to compare to that feeling of being at your first Wrestlemania.

If you ask John Cena, though, the wrestler that has been known to be quite the car freak just like us, he us managed to stumble upon a car that he thinks he could compare nicely to that Wrestlemania feeling, a car that many think is one of the finest to ever touch tire to the street. We’re talking, of course about the LaFerrari. In this one, Cena takes us inside of the machine to show us exactly what this thing is all about from the fine materials that make up the interior all the way to the way that it feels to be behind the wheel, that is, if he can get over the speechlessness first!

If you follow along below, you’ll be able to get inside of the head of one of the biggest wrestlers to ever do it as he encounters a machine that he simply almost runs out of words for. The LaFerrari may be among the most impressive feats of engineering on four wheels and after watching this view of the car, you might just be able to appreciate it a bit more than you had before. After checking out yet another perspective on one of the most highly regarded automobiles on the market, tell us what your thoughts are on the car.