Lamborghini Baby Prank!

We’ve seen some great pranks, and we’ve seen some that aren’t so great. This one ...

We’ve seen some great pranks, and we’ve seen some that aren’t so great. This one falls on the upper end of the spectrum, plus the car is pretty wicked, so that a huge bonus in our book!

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Most of you have probably seen videos from VilliansNeverDie, one of the better channels on YouTube. I’m just personally not a fan of dead baby jokes, but as they say, different strokes for different folks. We’ve seen the “I forgot my baby on the roof of my car” bit and it’s always good for some amazing reactions, and when the roof happens to be the lid of a 700 HP Lamborghini Aventador, the reactions are all the more insane, especially when the driver of the car in question knows exactly how to push people’s buttons.

The car is on loan from MPHClub, a high-end rental firm out of Opa-Locka Florida, and is one of the most badass cars anybody could possibly rent. VillainsNeverDie channel host Vitaly picks up the ride and promptly straps a baby carrier to the roof, complete with a fake baby inside. As you can imagine, the car itself is going to turn the head of nearly everybody on the street and when they turn to see a baby carrier that’s been “forgotten” on the roof, they’re going to have something to say.

As if those initial reactions aren’t enough, Vitaly knows exactly what to say in reply to get an even more emotional response, which is exactly what he’s looking for.

While the humor in a bit crude, there’s no denying this guy knows how to pull people in and get them to take the bait on his pranks, which is why we love watching his pranks. A couple of the victims seem less-than-impressed with the prank, but most are able to laugh it off at the end, proving that generally speaking people don’t mind a little humor at their own expense now and then.

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