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“Lamborghini Doors” Soon to be Available for C8 Corvette

Want to spark a debate? Bring up scissor doors

The doors that open up instead of out, originally popularized by companies like Lamborghini, can really be controversial. To some, the look really emphasizes what it means to drive an exotic car. On the other hand, though, there’s the camp that is simply sick of them. I once even heard someone say that they’re so played out that Lamborghini doesn’t even use them anymore. This is true for the most part.

Back in their heyday, hinge kits even came out and many saw them as relatively tacky. As they made their way to common cars, it was a little bit tough to stomach. A Lamborghini with scissor doors was making a statement. A Honda Civic with scissor doors also makes a statement but we’re not sure if it’s a statement you want to be associated with.

However, it looks like the C8 Corvette will soon be available with scissor doors thanks to one Arizona company.

Originally reported by Road and Track, “Eikon Motorsports of Scottsdale, Arizona, has made a scissor door kit for the C8 Corvette available for pre-order on its website. The kit uses hinges manufactured by Vertical Doors, Inc., and comes with all the bespoke mounting hardware required to get your doors to swing up Lamborghini style.”


Using the factory bolt pattern, the hinges should prove to be a relatively easy swap. Furthermore, if you install them and decide they’re not for you, it’ll be an easy swap back.

As of May 6, 2020, the company said they’re a few weeks out on a finished product. When all is said and done, the kit will cost $4,300. If you pre-order it, though, the cost will be cut down to $2,999. Both prices come with a lifetime warranty and installation.

What’s your take on adding these aftermarket hinges to a new Corvette? – eikōn motorsports