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Lamborghini Festival 2015 with HRE Wheels

Lamborghini Festival 2015 with HRE Wheels

Imagine your favorite car show. Now, imagine that same show on steroids with a killer example of a Lamborghini every which way that you look.

That’s exactly what the Lamborghini Festival is all about! This time, HRE Wheels takes us inside of the Festival to check out some insane exotics, many clad with their stellar wheels.

There’s really so many cars here that we can’t pick a favorite, but it really is easy to appreciate all of the time and passion that goes into bringing people together and making an event like this one shine!

Check out the video below that gives us an up close and personal view of the event that HRE calls the “gathering of the Raging Bull!” You really can’t go wrong with this one!

Check out Gas Monkey Garage’s steallar F40 below!