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Lamborghini Huracan goes RWD!

Lamborghini Huracan goes RWD! 

The sports car has always been about the feeling you get slinging a rear-wheel drive coupe around a corner. It is a sensation unlike any other. Even though you could go faster in something else, the feeling of being right on the edge of losing it is something that is hard to replicate. Lamborghini recognizes this. All of their current models are all-wheel drive except for their newest one announced today, the Huracan LP580-2.


The purpose of this car is to bring the exciting element of risk back to the supercar. The current models are so sophisticated and controlled that it is much easier to drive them fast. This is mainly thanks to the implementation of all-wheel drive. All-wheel drive makes sense, but it doesn’t make you feel the same way a RWD exotic does. The new model is the hardcore purist’s choice. It is much more raw than its all-wheel drive brethren.


It weighs in around 3,000 pounds and is 72 pounds lighter than the normal Huracan. The 5.2L V10‘s power is down to 572hp and 398 lb-ft, but with the smaller percentage of drivetrain loss with rear-wheel drive, it should feel pretty similar in real world conditions. They also say that there is 75% more torque at 1,000rpm. It takes .2 seconds longer to hit 60, but you won’t feel that difference inside the car. It even has specially tuned steering and wider tires to get it to drive like a Lamborghini should.


While being more fun, it is also cheaper. Starting at $199,800, it is $40k cheaper than the all-wheel drive version. This should be a spectacular driver’s car. No news on when they’ll actually make it here, but we can’t wait to see them ripping down the road.