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From our friends at Exotic Collective – “Exotic Collective was fortunate ...

From our friends at Exotic Collective – “Exotic Collective was fortunate enough to have been invited to spend the day with the new Lamborghini Huracan at Auto Club Speedway. Our first impressions are that it certainly does not disappoint. This car will proudly carry Lamborghini into the future and is a worthy successor to the Gallardo in every way. Unlike other road tests articles out there that incorporate the hotels they stayed at, the food they ate or what we they’re wearing, we will get right down to the nitty gritt… The Huracan!

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The Huracan is facing off with rivals such as the Ferrari 458, the Porsche 991 Turbo and McLaren 650S. As a package, the Huracan delivers a knockout punch. Visually the car is stunning. The front and side view make the others look like yesterdays news. Our only complaint is the back. Why? It’s rather dull compared to its other angles, but as this is the base model, we are certain future Superleggera models will eliminate our only complaint.


Interior: The new interior is nice, and looks great in photos. But once inside, it just doesn’t seem special. It feels, rather Audi. Now its not really a bad thing as it’s very comfortable and all the controls work and fit well. But it just misses something you get with the 458. The Huracan just feels more plastic, more generic, whereas the 458 feels special and well just MONEY. It’s still a very comfortable car and you can see and feel the continuous strives all companies are making in trying to make these car more daily driver friendly. Tough choice for me between the 458 and Huracan in this category. I think if using the car daily, the interior works better in the Huracan, it’s easier to get in and out of etc… while as a weekend toy I prefer the 458.

Sound: The sound is a tough call. The car doesn’t sound much different than the old Gallardo from the outside and it’s more muted on the inside than a 458. Stock for stock I give this to the 458, although the exhaust can be easily remedied with an aftermarket unit.


Driving: Make no mistake, this car has lots of Gallardo DNA. It’s nowhere near the night and day difference of stepping from say the F430 to a 458. The two most noticeable improvements are of course the transmission, it’s fantastic. Super smooth, no clunky noise like the GTR, instant shifts, and the brakes… man the brakes! Carbon Ceramics are now standard and on the Gallardo, the ceramics required a bit of a heavy push to get them going before they really bit, not here. Perfect brake feel. The rest of the cars feel is very familiar, very Gallardo like. If you can imagine a Gallardo LP 560 and if you have driven a Audi R8 with DCT… then you should be able to picture exactly what this car feels like to drive. On track I will add, this car is much more fun than the Aventador; but still seems to lack the nimbleness of the 458 and MP4. I wanted to vbox the car, but there wasn’t much interest from the others in letting me do so; so I didn’t press the issue. Seat of the pants feel? I’m going to say it seems Aventador fast, but not 0-60 in 2.5 seconds or 0-100 in 5.7 fast like some of the early reviews are claiming. It was a slightly hot day though and cars being hot lapped all day long may not put down the best times, especially on good ol’ California 91 Octane. We certainly look forward to getting our hands on one and obtaining some VBOX results. The Huracan will certainly lay waste to the 458 and 991 Turbo, but more than likely will not be able to out accelerate the McLaren 650S. We look forward to the results!


Final Thoughts: So was I blown away, do I want one? No, not really. But then again, none of these new cars have been very exciting to me, except maybe the Aventador. As these cars get better and better, inmo, they get less and less exciting. I dont want a car that drives like a Cadillac so I can use it daily, I want a car that kicks the crap out of me and let’s you know you are in control. As these cars get more and more computer controlled, the driving experience is even more subdued. I figure for me, if I were to be looking for a car in the $280k range; out of the 458, Huracan and 650S and all being brand new… I’d probably go with the Huracan. I say that with trepidation, as next year the 458 is coming with Twin Turbos and if they do it right, I think that will really be bad ass. Truly spending my own money though, I’d just look for a good deal on a used Aventador.

Exotic Collective’s BC_LA putting the Lamborghini Huracan through its paces on the Race Track”

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