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Can The Lamborghini Urus Work As A Functional Family SUV?

Ever since the dawn of time for Lamborghini, I don’t think that there’s any denying that they’re known for being an exotic supercar brand. In fact, we would probably venture to think that most of those who don’t follow closely with the industry have no idea that they even make an SUV. With vehicles like the Aventador and Huracan gracing their current lineup, we can’t blame people for failing to look further. However, it seems as if the suits at Lamborghini have decided to take a dip in a new venture.

Earlier this year, we begin to see the rollout of the Lamborghini Urus. One look at this thing Definitely screams Lamborghini heritage. However, when it comes to the vehicles that Lamborghini will normally produce, they aren’t necessarily the comfortable and spacious model that the SUV market is asking for. We tend to think that because supercars are so flashy and expensive, that they’re like floating on a cloud. In reality, most cars in the supercar market are designed with a couple of concise purposes in mind. While they might offer top of the line materials and designs, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re comfortable. The machines are instead purpose-built for performance. I’m not sure if that line of thought would fly in the world of SUVs.

Down in the video below, we dive into that concept just a little bit deeper. When Business Insider grabs hold of a Urus for themselves, they would observe the vehicle’s practicality as an everyday driver. While performance heritage did seem to be in mind at the drawing board for the Urus, we would venture to think that Lamborghini is searching for a wider market with this one. Could the Urus ever get the job done as a utility vehicle? The company is definitely taking a shot at something new! Only time will tell if they’re able to hit their marks on this axis.