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Land Cruiser Jet Truck High Speed Runs Get Sketchy!

Land Cruiser Jet Truck High-Speed Runs Get Sketchy!

When it comes to the forum of off-road performance, there’s an abundance of ways to get your fill of adrenaline, but this next video might be the best of them all!

Instead of any traditional method of 4×4 shenanigans, this guy decided to strap up his Toyota Land Cruiser with a jet engine for some trailblazing insanity.

When we catch up with the truck, it’s at full tilt, making its way around some trail covered areas that attempt to put the platform to the test to see what it can really do.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think of this truck. We’re kind of wondering if this thing has more power in it. We would love to see it go all out!

Watch as the jet powered truck below completely destroys the asphalt.


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