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Larry Larson Throws Down With Jeff Lutz in Epic 2012 Throwback

Larry Larson Throws Down With Jeff Lutz in Epic 2012 Throwback

Doorslammer Racing Videos certainly dug into the archives with this one! This is a blast from the past that might just bring viewers a wave of sweet nostalgia.

When we take a look at the racing culture, it’s pretty wild how quickly things have changed. From the viewpoint of speed, pretty much everything has gotten quicker. It’s downright amazing to watch the heights that the industry is climbing to as doors are downright being kicked down. It seems like blasting through records is becoming more and more of a regular occurrence.

This sort of rapid evolution is something that we can take for granted. Of course, being tied up in the moment is going to mean that we’re focusing on watching these records fall. However, when we take a look back at the way that things used to be, we can appreciate just how far we’ve come. Sometimes, this is due to how much quicker things are today. In other cases, the sweet nostalgia comes from cars that we’d fallen in love with but have since been replaced.

This time, we check out a couple of familiar rides that we haven’t seen in some time, at least in this trim. The date is 2012. The faces just so happen to be Larry Larson and Jeff Lutz. Both drivers have certainly been through their paces. Some of those paces just so happen to be different combinations with the cars pictured here. Others would have the drivers bringing on entirely different rides. It’s been neat to spectate as these two have been responsible for the wildest rides around becoming even more so.

By following along with the video below, we get a blast from the past that takes us back to 2012. With all of the changes that have happened in racing, we’re definitely looking at an entirely different landscape.

For those who have been a part of the action for all these years, what year would you say was the best for drag racing?


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