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Larry Larson Unveils His New Cadillac No Prep Car, And It’s Magnificent

larrson Larry Larson Unveils His New Cadillac No Prep Car, And It's Magnificent

Larry Larson has become a legend in the world of drag racing. After achieving street car supremacy by blasting home the record in his Chevrolet S10, the world would never be the same. These days, Larson has decided to add yet another horse to the stable. This one is going to be powered by the same Pro-Line Racing 481x from the record-setting S10. This time, though, we see a little bit different body thrown in the mix. As if his past rides weren’t enough to demand attention, a bright blue Cadillac ATS-V is stepping up to the plate.

Every time that we see a late model ride thrown into the pressure cooker like this, we can’t help but be impressed. Obviously, this thing has some serious modification done to it in order to be able to facilitate such power. One of the neat parts of this car is that much of it retains original components. Well, that’s true, at least when it comes to the body. With said body we see it constructed with most of the pieces that it came with when it came off of the lot. The one part that’s different is obviously the radical looking carbon fiber hood.

By following along below, we get to see the car’s debut on the racing circuit. In this one, we join in with the action at the No Prep Kings filming at New England Dragway in Epping, New Hampshire.

Even Larson, one of the most decorated racers we know sometimes manages to meet that last-minute scramble to prepare. The crew over at Dragzine followed closely with the build progress. They tell us that the car wasn’t finished up until the Thursday night before the event. This was followed by a 4 AM Friday departure to be able to race at the event on the weekend.


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