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Launching a GT-R In The Airport Arrivals Lane is Not a Good Idea!

Even though a situation like picking someone up from the airport might seem like a boring and mundane task, when you have a fast car, just about any task that you take on can be transformed into something fun depending on how much you’re willing to put that gas pedal to the floor and unleash the power within.

Now, we aren’t necessarily recommending that you head out there and try something dangerous or break the law but little situations like this can really be brought to life when you drive a Nissan GT-R. This time, when Cleetus McFarland gets in the passenger seat of this Godzilla and he encourages the driver to do some aggressive driving that he might not have normally done on his own, launching the car in the airport arrivals lane on his way back to town.

Check out the video below as Cleetus gets this GT-R’s owner to stretch the legs out on the car just a little bit on their way to a car meet in Chicago to check out all that the show has to offer. Ride along with this day full of fun in the video below and tell us what you think of the shenanigans of these guys managed to get into when they were setting up to have fun in Chi town.