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Leaf Spring World Record in the “Tooth Jerker” 1969 Dodge Dart!

Those of you who are familiar with radial racing likely know Lyle Barnett’s story, but for those who don’t follow that world, we will catch you up. A year and a half ago, Lyle was involved in a severe crash that left him severely burned and fighting for his life after he breathed in super-heated air and damaged his lungs. Lyle’s doctors said the damage to his lungs was the equivalent of the damage seen in the lungs of a lifelong two-pack-a-day smoker, despite never having smoke a cigarette in his life. However, Lyle fought through the severe injuries, including third degree burns to much of his face, hands and leg, and vowed to return to the driver seat.

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A year and a half later, Barnett has returned to action behind the wheel of Jason Digby’s “Tooth Jerker” Dodge Dart. The Tooth Jerker, so named for Digby’s dental vocation, is powered by a badass single-turbocharged Mopar engine and rides on left springs out back. Running in Extreme Leaf Spring, Barnett wasted no time in putting the Dart on the on the map, setting the Leaf Spring world record, qualifying number one, and winning the first race out at Duck X Productions’ Lights Out 8.

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Photo credit: Jeremy Taco Patterson

Check out this video from Free Life Films chronicling the entire event forLyle and the Digby crew, from qualifying through the final round. Congrats to the whole team from all of us here at Speed Society!