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Leah Pritchett’s Challenger Hellcat with Magnaflow Exhaust

When talking about the badass ladies in the world of motorsports, Leah Pritchett has to be one that’s thrown into the mix as she’s able to pilot her Top Fuel machine down the track with complete confidence and success, putting everyone on notice to the fact that she’s looking to do nothing short of take over. Something tells us that she won’t stop until she gets there, either!

Now, even though most of the coverage that you see of Leah may be behind the wheel of her race car, it also turns out that she has a pretty wicked street car as well in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat that just so happens to be fitted with a Magnaflow exhaust to give that supercharged beast just a little bit more of a grumble to go alongside a car that was just so complete from the factory!

In this one, we get a chance to take a look at the beast of a car as Pritchett gets behind the wheel and throws down, ripping a pretty sweet burnout after plowing around the streets and making use of this insane street machine that I think just about anybody would be proud to add to their collection. The bright orange coat of paint and racing stripes just puts the cherry on this high-performance sundae.

Check out the video below that will give you a little bit of a different look at Leah Pritchett behind the scenes that sheds a new, more laid back light on the driver as she’s able to lay into the throttle during the time that’s just a little bit less serious than when she’s killing the competition in the NHRA! Be sure to tell us what you think of this little featureette that showcases Leah and her slick set of wheels.