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Leah Pruett Gets Creative With Cameo to Help the Fight on COVID-19

No matter who you are, it seems like COVID-19 has affected each and every one of our lives in some way or another. Unfortunately, the virus itself isn’t the only thing that we are going to have to fight. In addition, the circumstances dictate that we’re going to have to fight off different things like unemployment as well. With a whole variety of businesses in America being closed, there might be some turbulent times ahead.

During this time, it seems like we should all really band together. Those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to still be in work or earning money owe it to our community. After all, it’s times like these are we really need to rely on one another. America can pull itself up by the bootstraps but it might take some collaboration to make it happen successfully.

NHRA driver and friend of Speed Society, Leah Pruett seems to be leading the way on that charge in her very own way. The drag racing sensation decided to use the platform, Cameo, in order to help where she could. For those who aren’t familiar, Cameo is an app where people can pay to have celebrities deliver a custom video message. It might be some sort of congratulations or something uplifting in this time where negativity can seem to take over.

Pruett decided that, for a period of time, she would donate her proceeds from the app to the Lake Havasu Community Health Foundation Food Bank. When all was said and done, the donation from the Cameo campaign would amount to $2025. According to Leah, this would serve over 600 families over the span of two weeks. We would call that a job well done!

Hopefully, efforts like Leah’s can be an inspirational message to others who might have the means to help out.