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LeBron James’s High School Ride Is Being Auctioned Off, But For How Much?

When you think of the various things that we, as a western society, have an affection for, it can be kind of strange at times. When you think of something like a 2003 Hummer H2 that has a blue book value of about $15,000, there is really no tangible reason why any example of such a truck that hasn’t been modified or doesn’t have any distinguishable special features should be worth much more than that. Even if one has some add-ons, maybe the price will flex a couple grand in one direction or the other. However, with one particular Hummer that falls right into this ballpark, experts say that the final bid on such an item could eclipse the six-figure mark.

Now, we aren’t going to insult your intelligence and assume that you’ve checked out the title by now so you know that we’re talking about the Hummer that once belonged to a young Lebron James while he was in high school. While the vehicle doesn’t look like something that would fetch a ridiculous amount of money at auction, the fact that one of the greatest basketball players to ever live owned the vehicle at one point in time takes that value and absolutely skyrockets it. It’s very rare that you see a vehicle of this nature go up in value, however, the Hummer that Lebron’s mom took out a $50,000 loan to purchase for his 18th birthday, once upon a time, is now said to be worth at least double that.

Every time that you see a story like this, you can’t help but think to yourself what kind of things people will pay ridiculous amounts of money for. All you have to do is attach a celebrity’s name to it and you’ll be able to see things like half-eaten breakfast foods selling for good amounts of money that people work long hard hours to earn, in the first place. Yeah, we remember the time that Justin Timberlake’s french toast sold for $3000.

When the Hummer finally does go to auction, how much money do you think it will bring when the final bid comes down?

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