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Legendary Ford GT Breaks The 300 MPH Barrier At The Texas Mile

For most who get behind the wheel of a car, they’ll be fortunate to see 100 mph. As a matter of fact, even today, most vehicles on the road are limited to make sure that they don’t even see three digits of speed. However, for those of us who enjoy speed, we have our ways around that and we’re trying our hardest to exceed our own personal best top speeds.

Modification can become addicting as we chase down the ultimate goal, getting closer and closer. With each mile per hour comes more motivation to take another step. It’s especially true when closing in on a record. Nothing lights a fire more than getting right up against a milestone. If you want to see someone who has the most motivation to go 300 mph, talk to someone who has been 299.

This past weekend at the Texas Mile, we saw history being made. The M2k Motorsports Ford GT has been one that has made some noise at the event in past years. We’ve seen the car crack 294 MPH back in 2017, setting the record at the time. This time, though it was time to make history in an even bigger way. It would end up becoming the first vehicle to make its way to 300 mph at the event. In fact, the pass would be the fastest ever at a standing mile event.

By following along below, we get to watch and listen as the twin turbo modular makes its way to history. Just when we thought that all of these 200 mph passes in the half-mile were something, an all-new definition of ultimate speed comes to life. It’s almost hard to imagine what it’s like to travel that quickly with all four wheels planted on the ground! The way that this thing accelerates off of the line and rips through the big end really has us blown away.