How To Enter The Hot Wheels Legends Tour | 2020 Virtual Hot Wheels Legends Tour x Speed Society - Speed Society
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How To Enter The Hot Wheels Legends Tour | 2020 Virtual Hot Wheels Legends Tour x Speed Society

Over the years, Hot Wheels has created thousands of machines that dreams are made of. Their diecast cars have definitely been cemented as a big part of pop culture history as over 25,000 examples of Hot Wheels models are floating around today. This includes everything from real-life cars all the way to machines that have been created exclusively by the minds at Hot Wheels and even collaborations with movies and video games.

When we were younger, many of us probably were inspired by certain Hot Wheels to the point where perhaps they influenced us to purchase a certain car as an adult. However, as adults, I think that many of us would inversely think it would be pretty cool to turn our real-life vehicles into Hot Wheels instead of the other way around. Up until now, getting a diecast of a car made has been incredibly complicated and probably would involve enlisting the help of a private artist that would probably charge a decent sum of money to turn your vehicle into a diecast.

However, with the help of the Hot Wheels Legends Tour, this year, you might be one lucky winner who could potentially have their vehicle turned into a Hot Wheels car to be seen by the world. The best part is that it only takes a couple of simple steps to go from real life to diecast.

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Below, we give you the instructions on how exactly one could go about turning their very own ride into a Hot Wheels creation. In terms of keepsakes to remind us of vehicles that we might eventually sell, a Hot Wheels would be a great way to immortalize a very special build. There’s a reason why the brand has become one of the most iconic in the world across all markets. Being a part of that is truly something special that we think much of the car community will be jumping at the opportunity to join in on!

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