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Lego Technic 4 Speed Gear Change Transmission

LEGO’s Technic series are possibly the coolest LEGO sets available, thanks in large part to the things you can do that aren’t included in the instructions. Besides the included ideas that are plenty cool, once you’ve accumulated a few sets, you’ll have plenty of gears and axles to start building things that you come up with on your own, like working transmissions that actually change speeds based on the positions of the gears within the array.

That’s exactly what you’ll see in the video below, if you watch closely on the output shaft – it is the one with the red flag around it – and see how it changes speeds with each “shift” of the gears, demonstrating a very rudimentary look at how a transmission works up close and personal! This is definitely one of the cooler LEGO builds we’ve ever seen, especially given than it works so well!