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Lexus LFA Gets on it, And Gets BUSTED At 165MPH…

When you have a 552hp supercar like the Lexus LFA, it’s kind of difficult not to get on it, but these guys take “getting on it” to a whole new level when they max their particular Lexus out at 168mph!

Unfortunately for the driver, speeds in excess of 100mph weren’t so fun for the police officer waiting on the side of the road for them.

If you want to find a bright spot in this situation, the cops didn’t catch them on radar until they were slowing down at 114mph, which we would imagine lightened the consequences a bit. Check out the video below as the entire situation gets captured on GoPro.

This cop seems pretty cool though and jokes with the driver about the cameras on the car recording this run.  Hopefully, he doesn’t throw the book at them.


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