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You Can Now Buy a Liberty Walk Body Kit for the 2019 Toyota Prius

If there’s one thing that I’m not sure I’d ever be writing an article about, it would be a body kit for a Toyota Prius. Sure, we all like to make jokes about the Prius as it’s quite the dorky ride. However, it certainly serves its purpose as one of the most economical machines on the market. However, throwing a body kit on would widely be regarded as tacky in the vast majority of circles. Liberty Walk has decided to bring a little pizzaz to the otherwise mundane Prius, though. Let’s just say that the company has a way of making body kits into something high class.

For those unfamiliar, Liberty Walk is one of the more prominent producers of visual effects for cars. Generally, we see that they dabble in the high end. Some of their kits fetch tens of thousands of dollars. The cars fitted with these kits have been known to be real show stoppers at events around the world. We’re talking about everything from the Lamborghini Aventador to the Ferrari 488. It seems like the kits, when added to these cars, seem like a magical formula to attract eyeballs and cameras alike. The Prius kit looks to try and borrow from that lineage a bit.

With a price of $3830 for the full kit, perhaps the company expects to hit a wider target audience. They also offer other packages where enthusiasts can pick and choose which pieces they want. In all honesty, it seems like they’ve done something that might’ve been regarded as impossible. They made the Prius look at least a little bit better.

To our surprise, this isn’t the first time Liberty Walk has put something together for a Prius. They also created a kit for the last generation of hybrid as well. Below, we see a video of their kit for that car.