Life Hack! How to Twist Off Screws Without Nut Wrenches

As gearheads, there’s a really good chance we’ve all found ourselves in ...

As gearheads, there’s a really good chance we’ve all found ourselves in this situation: we need to loosen a bolt and can’t find that correct wrench size – where IS that pesky 10mm anyway? – for the bolt head.

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So what can you do to solve this dilemma? Grab a couple of bolts and appropriately sized nuts and watch the video below to see how to basically build an adjustable wrench of your very own. Keep in mind, this isn’t the ideal solution, but a this-will-work-in-a-pinch solution that should allow you to back the bolt out and save you a trip to the hardware store to buy a new wrench.

Thanks to YouTuber Wasaby Sajado for putting together this tutorial that just might save you some time, effort and swearing when you misplace that one wrench that you just had in your hand.

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