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Lifting and Moving a Helicopter with 35-Ton Wrecker

There are certain jobs that, while to the common person, might seem fairly straightforward, when actually starting to dig deep into them, we may just find that sometimes there are nuances that really set these occupations apart in a category of their own. For example, those who drive tow trucks and wreckers are often put in situations where they have to really get creative and use problem-solving abilities to make sure that the task at hand is completed successfully. Oh yeah, all of this has to be considered along with the fact that sometimes the cargo that is being moved is worth tons of money and damaging it is a sure way to get in some hot water.

This time, we get the opportunity to join in with the crew behind a 35-ton wrecker as they can get tangled up in one of these one-off jobs that really comes with a challenge attached. Now, these guys aren’t moving a heavy truck or anything like that but instead, need to move a helicopter that is otherwise unable to move on its own. Without any power to the wheels of the chopper, this ends up being quite the interesting task to watch unfold. The truck needs to lift the chopper up and make sure that absolutely nothing is altered on the helicopter in the process. While trying to consider all of the parts that might get in the way or potentially not want to withstand the chopper’s weight, this one is definitely to be handled with care.

By following along with the video below, viewers will find a way to sink themselves into the situation, seeing exactly what it’s like for somebody who has been thrust into a high-intensity situation like this, making sure that every last piece to this puzzle falls in place. While everything begins to go smoothly, you certainly never know what kinds of challenges or setbacks are residing right around the corner.