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Lightning Strikes Moving Pickup Truck, Locks Couple Inside, All Caught on Camera

Long story short, Chevrolet needs to add something about their lightning-proof trucks to their ad campaign.

In this lifetime, there are some things that are incredibly unlikely to happen to you or anyone. When we’re talking about things like lightning strikes, shark attacks, or hitting the lottery, the actual chance that one of these instances will unfold in your lap are incredibly small, however, when they do happen to somebody, if they should so happen to capture it on video, it’s a pretty tremendous thing to watch as the powerful situation takes over as you know that you’re truly watching somebody’s once none in a lifetime situation that actually did occur in their lifetime.

This time, thankfully, there were no casualties aside from the road which had a couple of craters left behind and the Chevrolet Silverado that apparently had some sort of malfunction that would disallow the doors to open after a lightning strike but the people inside were safe and I guess that’s what really matters. However, the footage of the lightning striking the moving pick up truck still makes your heart skip a beat as it seems to be simply all in the wrong place at the wrong time as this thing really takes a romping from that massive strike of electricity.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to watch the whole thing unfold right in these peoples’ laps as they definitely didn’t see something like that coming and now they have a story to tell for the rest of their lives. I guess that amongst the negatives being that they’re probably going to have to get their truck repaired or replaced, the positive comes in the fact that they now are going to be the most interesting people at whatever party they end up going to. Oh yeah, and I guess being alive isn’t a bad consolation prize, either.