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Linkin Park Enlisted to Make Electric Car Sounds for Mercedes-Benz

You can love it or you can hate it but the facts remain that as of now, it would appear as if we are headed straight toward a world that uses less and less combustion to force cars forward but instead takes on alternative methods of power such as electric motors. While it seems like something that could be a little bit more efficient, using electric motors definitely raises some concerns that need to be addressed with their implementation, especially if they’re going to be as widespread as they’re anticipated to be.

One of these concerns would just so happen to be the idea that there is absolutely no sound coming from under the hood, or at least any sound that’s audible the pedestrian’s point of view. The incredibly quiet machines could potentially cause danger to people who don’t hear them coming and if you ask Mercedes-Benz, well, that’s an issue that needs to be addressed and the company is taking on some pretty creative means to try and make their cars a little bit safer for those around them.

If you listen in to the video down below, you get a fresh take from YouTuber, BigKleib34, on what exactly they’re doing as they are bringing in one of the biggest bands in the world in Linkin Park in order to help them engineer that sounds that will be coming out from their electric vehicles in what they say will be available around 2020 or so. It’s unclear if they’re trying to make combustion engine sounds or some other sort of noise to alert pedestrians of their presence but the fact that they have brought on one of the most popular bands ever really has grabbed our attention. The exact role of the band has yet to be released but we’re intrigued to see exactly what they end up doing with this partnership.