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Listen: 2020 Shelby GT500, 4 Starkly Different Exhaust Modes.

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on February 13, 2019

Among those who have become friendly with the aftermarket performance modification world, when it comes to sound, things can get pricy. For example, most folks know that for someone who wants to allow their vehicle to have a little bit better exhaust flow, a full exhaust is a way to go. For those who are looking to vary things up a little bit on the sound side, adding some sort of cutout can do just that. With this kind of modification, two different paths of exhaust gas can allow for different notes when the driver wants the cruise peacefully or if it’s time to get nasty.

It seems like automakers have taken note of this trend and they’ve decided to begin to integrate it into their vehicles. With the 2020 Shelby GT500, drivers will be greeted with the option to choose. They won’t just have the single exhaust note from the factory but instead, are given the opportunity to select from four different modes that will spice up the driving experience or tame it down a bit when appropriate. These modes will include Quiet, Normal, Sport, and Track mode. Each of these has a vastly different tone than the last and would lead to a different experience behind the wheel.

Down in the clip below from the folks over at Road and Track, we get the opportunity to listen to the car’s four different exhaust notes. Hearing this thing up close as it makes a bellow across-the-board really does nothing more than make us want to hop behind the wheel and see what the car sounds like while under a load. It really seems like Ford has really outdone themselves with all that’s promised by the 2020 GT500. We can’t wait to hear this thing screaming around a track near us in the near future.

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