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Little Girl Enjoys The Heck Out Of Her Dads 700HP BMW M5 F10!

Alright, Speed Society fans, it’s story time!

This video had us all exchanging stories about our earliest driving experiences, and we want to hear some of yours. This little girl, whose identity is unfortunately a mystery at this point, just might have a future behind the wheel of a race car, considering how well she handles her dad’s 700 horsepower BMW at the tender age of seven.

She’s doing her driving in a parking lot, deftly handing the wheel while dad handles the pedals and shifting duties, for now. Based on her infectious laughter and obvious knack for driving, though, it won’t be long before she’s adding those to her duties and slinging the car around all by herself, probably as soon as she’s tall enough to reach everything and still see out of the windshield.

I know I did a lot of my early driving around the parking lot of the family business in a two tone stick shift S10. I don’t know for sure, but I would guess it was around a 1990 model, and I learned early on how to drive and stick, and I’m eternally thankful to my parents for that. Seeing adults in 2017 that are absolutely stymied by that third pedal is laughable, and while manual transmissions are certainly going the way of the DVD player, they’ll always be more fun to drive in my opinion.

So now it’s your turn. We want you to go to Facebook where you found the link to this article and tell us something about your early driving days. What was the first vehicle you drove? Who was riding shotgun with you the first time you took the wheel all by yourself? Anything you remember from that period, let’s hear it! After you’ve shared you stories, go ahead and hit that share button so your friends can see this little lady going to town in her dad’s car, and then they can share their stories as well.


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