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Live Coverage From The Street Car Super Nationals In Las Vegas!

This weekend marks the 14th annual Street Car Super Nationals, one of the coolest events in the country and one of very few chances to see quarter mile “outlaw” Pro Mods! For those of you like me, who are stuck at home this weekend, there’s no need to worry, the awesome guys over at BangShift have a live feed that brings all the action right to your laptop or mobile device!

Legendary announcer Al Tucci will be on the mic all weekend while a host of cars from both coasts duke it out in no newer than 15 classes. From the Precision Turbo-sponsored Pro Mod  to Outlaw 10.5 to Xtreeme Drag Radial, there’s something for all fans of any type of drag racing, including no time, index and even bracket classes.

  • The current order after 2 rounds of qualifying in the Mustang Madness class.

All of this is held at the new-widened The Strip and Las Vegas Motor Speedway, set just outside the glistening desert oasis known as Sin City. With gorgeous mountains serving as the backdrop for the weekend’s festivities, expect to see some huge numbers out of the Pro Mods on the property as they toss the rulebook out the window and gun for top dog status in the quarter mile.

There’s also the insane 4-car-4-wide. winner-take-all shootout between four of the biggest names in outlaw drag racing, Mark Woodruff, Jermaine Boddie, James Lawrence and Guiseppe Gentile. As far as I remember, this is the first of it’s kind, a winner-take-all four-wide grudge race that will send the winner home with $10,000 in his pocket and the other three back to the trailer with nothing but the memories.

We can’t thank promoter Mel Roth of the PSCA enough for bringing us on board to help you guys get to the live feed, so as many of you as possible get to check out all of the badass cars and racing that’s going on out in the desert this weekend. Check back early and often, the racing will be going on all weekend!