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Lizzy Musi, Kayla Morton Do Battle to Determine “Queen Of No Prep”

When it comes to a no-prep racing event, we’re pretty much always in for a good time. With this kind of racing, drivers and cars are put through such aggressive paces as they’re left to try and cling on to every last advantage. Let’s just say that it’s certainly not a scene that’s forgiving. One false move and everything is going south.

This time, we take a ride down to No Prep Kings in Florida. As it turns out, the landscape is kind of dominated by men. However, every once in a while, a female steps up to the plate that really turns heads. In this rendition of NPK, there are two names who really fit that bill. Both Kayla Morton and Lizzy Musi are names that instill fear in the competition. Who, betweem the women of NPK, is the best, though?

In this one, the two are throwing down Palm Beach International Raceway. NPK is certainly no slouch of an event as it brings out a collection of the most respected racers in the field. These ladies locked in with a whole variety of competitors and we get to see some pretty crazy races unfold. In the series, there seems to never be a “gimme” as pretty much everyone brings an iron fist to the table.

At the end of the day, this group of races goes down in just a couple of minutes on the video. However, in addition to the hard weekend of racing, there are countless hours of preparation invested in something like this. What we’re watching is just the cherry on top.

Follow along with the video down below from the National No Prep Racing Association as it takes us to the action, showing off the some incredible ability with two awesome racers. These are definitely some tough competitors who aren’t handing out easy victories to ANYBODY out there. Kayla and Lizzy mean business!

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