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Locomotive Pulling out Stuck Excavator

Just imagine a situation where you’re working so remotely that, if it came to traveling there by the ground, it was nearly impossible unless you were to take the railroad that runs through the area. Now, imagine getting your equipment stuck in such a place and having to pull it out. How would you go about doing it?

This time, we check out exactly that scene as an excavator gets nice in stuck, at which point a locomotive comes along to the rescue. While this might not have been the most conventional solution to the problem, it seems like it certainly worked out in such a way to get the job done effectively and quickly once the train was on location.

Check out the video below as the unique pulling rig goes to work, showing off its muscle and pulling out this heavy piece of machine from a predicament that might have seemed almost impossible to get out of just moments sooner. Now that’s how you flex your muscle and really put it all to the test.

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