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Longford Revival Festival Truck NASTY Race Crash!

Longford Revival Festival Truck NASTY Race Crash!

While we’ve never actually stepped foot in Australia, it seems to us like the country is all about shredding tires and this time, the tire smoke went a little too far!

We join the action of the Longford Revival Festival in Australia where the racing is plentiful, however for the driver of this Holden Ute, the action took a hard left too soon.

When this driver comes out of a turn, he stays in the throttle just a bit too long and ends us skidding sideways into a nearby house.

You can check out the video of the epic tire shredding concluding with the worst case scenario in the video below. This one had to hurt!

This Jolly Rally crash nearly takes out a whole line of spectators!

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.10.17 AM


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