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Looking at the Auto Industry Post Coronavirus – Will Every Automaker Survive?

As coronavirus continues to make its way through the United States, we find ourselves in some obscure situations. Sure, we were probably all expecting to have to battle the virus to some extent. What most probably weren’t expecting was the extent of the fallout that is happening from it all. Instead of just the medical industry being affected, this thing is hitting home for pretty much every industry.

As people continue to be kept out of work due to the nationwide quarantine, lots of industries are probably going to falter. We wouldn’t be shocked to see lots of businesses closed up before all is said and done with. While this might be rather apparent on a small-scale, the larger scale is going to be impacted pretty heavily as well.

Naturally, with everybody staying at home, nobody is buying cars. Sure, there might be a few people who are taking the opportunity to seize a good deal here and there. However, there certainly isn’t enough demand to keep the automotive industry in the black. We wouldn’t be shocked to hear that every single automaker across the world has hit the panic button at this point.

This time, the folks over at CNBC took it upon themselves to try and analyze this section of the fallout. It would be rather difficult to predict what could happen on the other end of all of this mayhem. After all, this sort of situation is pretty much unprecedented. However, what we can do is used past data and other similar situations that might be able to point to what the future holds.

For the time being, all that we can really do is keep on moving forward. Hopefully, this pandemic is in the rearview before we know it and we can try to resume life as it was. Hopefully, the new form of normal isn’t all that much different than the old normal.