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Looking Back on Pawn Stars 10 Most Expensive Purchases

While some fans of the History Channel have spoken out against the direction that such a channel is going in as it features more reality shows than it used to, you can’t deny, whether you love or hate shows like Pawn Stars, that they come across some pretty interesting findings within that Las Vegas pawnshop. Not all of them are incredibly high dollar items but many of them have some really interesting stories to go along with the item at hand. However, when there are high dollar items that do come through the doors, while they might boast a pricey acquisition cost, everything has a market value and it does take money to make money, after all.

In this one, we take a ride along with ten of the most expensive items to ever be presented to the crew to buy. Obviously, the more money that you’re putting on the line, the more money you’re going to want to make as you’re not going to want to risk all of your cash without having the opportunity for a nice sized sale or an incredibly quick sale. Therefore, the negotiation that goes into purchasing some of these items might just be a little bit more complex than the lower dollar pieces that the crew might come across. After all, with much more to lose on the line, there’s no choice but to be a little bit more careful.

If you follow along down in the below, you’ll check out the 10 most high dollar items that the guys have purchased over the years. As you could imagine, as a feature here on Speed Society, a couple of those super high dollar items to be mentioned are none another then some automobiles that you might just turn your head at if you caught them rolling down the street. What do you think of these purchases? Do you think that the pawn shop ended up paying a good enough price so that they would have room to make money?