Lotus Elise With a Turbo Hayabusa Power Plant – Dyno Run

Lotus Elise With a Turbo Hayabusa Power Plant – Dyno Runclick the image below ...

Lotus Elise With a Turbo Hayabusa Power Plant – Dyno Run

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When they tell you that the Lotus Elise is practically weightless, they aren’t kidding. Weighing in at a hair over 2000lbs, this thing carries itself much like a feather.

Because of that lack of weight, there are many combinations that could be used to make this thing go fast in whatever way your heart pleases.

This time, we check out one of the more unique swaps as a motorcycle engine finds its way into a car with this Hayabusa swapped Lotus that musters up almost 300hp to the crank. It might not seem like a lot, but that aforementioned lack of weight probably makes it feel amazing!

Check out the dyno video below and tell us what you think of this swap. It’s kind of an odd scene to see and hear this combination coming to life.

Imagine the same engine being stuffed in a golf cart! Imagine no longer, check it out below!


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