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IS THIS TOO LOW? Huge Plane Landing in St. Maarten

Even if you understand that there’s a professional pilot behind the controls of this plane and the runway is mere feet behind the beach that you’re standing on, watching a massive plane come several yards from your face is still a petrifying experience. In this one a couple of bystanders spectate what we would be going nowhere near as this particular plane lands easily at the infamous St. Maarten airport.

Although now the island of St. Maarten is undergoing an extensive rebuild from the brutal Hurricanes last year we like to remember the island as beautiful and bright. This island is known for its airport runway that is extremely close to a popular beach where people flock to just so they can see these planes in action up close and personal. Although many might think this landing is way too dangerous and looks low it is standard operating procedure for the pilots to land like this. We would have to say that it would be quite the experience to stand right under the planes as they land just a few hundred yards behind you!

If you are to ever travel to this island be ready to experience one of the scariest landings of your life. But don’t worry because these pilots know exactly what they are doing. Check out the video below as this nut stands underneath the plane and watches it all go down. Would you be brave enough to stare this monster airplane in the face and watch it land?


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