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Lowered trucks of The SEMA SHOW

Article By – Aaron Vasquez

Published By – Jesse Kleib

As we all know, the SEMA show is the biggest show of the year if you are a builder looking to show off your skills with a wrench. Heck, it’s huge if you’re anyone in the automotive industry but my point is that no matter which way you look at it, the brightest stars come out to Las Vegas early November to showcase exactly what it is that they are capable of when it comes to custom rides.

This time, we check out a collection that reveals the highlights of the best eye-catching displays that met the SEMA show floor during the 2016 rendition of the show in terms of lowered trucks. Some of these rides are real head turners that will make you think twice about modifying your truck!

Check out the video below that puts you right on the scene of the exclusive show for thanks to the cameras of the guys over at Busted Knuckle Films. Some of these creations are really over the top extravagant!


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