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Lowrider Truck Flips While Attempting Donuts… FAIL

One of my low key favorite channels on YouTube is TheSupercarSuspects because they always manage to find some of the most insane moments in the car scene in Southern California, where the scene is diverse and packed full of awesome rides.

This particular video features some cool rides, including a gorgeous purple Toyota Supra, a nasty C7 Vette and a right hand steer WRX, among many other wicked rides. A dense crowd of spectators, all armed with their phones or cameras, lines the streets as the rides parade through the spectators and put on a show with revs and short burnouts. The police cruise through to make sure the crowd knows they’re present, but they don’t seem to be trying to squash the fun and the festivities continue after they pass.

After a while, the crowd spreads out to create a skidpad, which of course prompts the cars to whip some donuts. These spectators are pretty brave considering there are several donuts that whip around the circle. One ProCharged 5.0 does come incredibly close to the crowd, but the driver manages to keep himself from joining the masses of Mustang morons who have smacked innocent bystanders while acting a fool. The main attraction, however, is the lowrider Blazer that hits the skidpad and actually rolls over onto its side despite going hilariously slow. Thanks to the hydraulic suspension, the Blazer is top heavy and doesn’t need too much speed to topple over like a drunk turtle.

The massive crowd immediately clowns on the driver, but they also come to his aid, helping roll the disabled SUV back onto it’s wheels. However, there is some pretty heavy damage to the suspension and wheels, so they simply push the Blazer out of the way so the festivities can continue.

Eventually the police decided to pull the plug on the fun, dispersing the crowd and also ending another video from TheSupercarSuspects. Check back for more from these guys as they keep up with the SoCal scene.