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Man Transplants LS Motor Into Mail Delivery Truck

In a world of engine swaps, the LS swap has become incredibly popular. In fact, it has become so popular to the point where folks say that every platform possible has been swapped. While some take that as the state of the union, others might take it as a challenge. After all, there has to be something out there that hasn’t found the glory of LS power.

This year, over at Holley LS Fest, we saw all sorts of different vehicles that might’ve been original LS swaps. Among them, perhaps the one that gathered the most attention would’ve been that of the LS-powered mail truck. That’s right, someone took your average postal delivery van and shoved an LS under the hood.

When all was said and done, this one might’ve just been the most head-turning vehicle at the event that weekend. We get that LS swaps are incredibly common these days. However, I’m not sure that there are too many people expecting a mail truck to boast one of these engines under the hood. HolleyPerformance Ls Fest 

BigKleib34 and company took the opportunity to catch up with the unique build and find out all about it. How does one even get their hands on a mail truck? Once they do get the truck, how does the engine end up going in it? All these questions and more are answered in the feature that really gives us the rundown on this mean machine.

By following along with the feature below, we get the feeling that the gears might just get going for viewers. Just when we thought that the LS has found its way into every platform imaginable, outcomes another to really put some zing behind the swap once again. At this point, we’re beginning to think that we’ve seen it all.

However, these swaps really remind us that we probably haven’t.