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LS swapped Chevelle does massive 300ft wheelstand

Drag racing is both an art and a science as teams and individual owners do lots of testing, tuning, and dialing in their cars to make sure that they can offer up the most power possible without losing traction or picking up and leaving the racing surface entirely.

This time, we catch up with a turbocharged LS powered Chevrolet Chevelle that looks to be on the right track to having the perfect setup but perhaps should dial it back just a little bit. There is no denying that this car manages to hook on this particular racing service, though.

In this Urban Hillbilly Flick, we stand by and watch as the old school Chevy stands it up on the bumper, putting on a spectacular show for everyone who’s watching as the rear of the car drags on the ground to nearly the 300-foot mark before letting it set down as easily as possible.

The driver of this X275 car did a great job of managing the wheelie without letting it go too far. This is really an impressive driving display to save it at the 2016 Fall ‘Throwdown in T-Town’ event at Tulsa Raceway Park along with what we might consider an even more impressive car to boot.