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LS3 Powered Ford Ranger Pre-Runner is a Garage Built Monster

Perhaps one of the most frequently overlooked aspects of a well-built vehicle is just how durable it can be. Sure, making lots of power is important. Those rides that can’t put that power down for more than a single outing are definitely a headache to be had. Nobody wants to be spending more time wrenching than they are driving, even though this is a frequent situation for many of us. I think most of us have had that car with the never-ending list of issues.

Enter the pre-runner.

With this particular pre-runner, the combination is simple. Combine a lightweight ride with big power and a capable, durable suspension and it’s time to go have some fun. The best part is that the machine is all garage built and ready to rumble. From what we learn in this particular outing, the truck has been rolled over several times but just keeps on kicking!

Under the hood, there’s a bit of bite on the other end of the throttle.

In the world of engine swaps, there’s a good reason why the LS is one of the most chosen. Not only can it take a beating but it also can crank out a good amount of power. With that in mind, the LS3 seems like an appropriate choice here to make things just a little bit more interesting. At the end of the day, the combination is one that is sure to make a couple of gearheads drool over the ride. We would think that just about anyone with a pulse and a need for speed would want to hop behind the wheel of this hot rod off-roader.

By following along with the video below, we get to check in with this intense build and what makes it so killer.