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LSX Power Stuffed Into A Small Saturn Sleeper

With engine swaps, you really never know what direction things are going to go. In this day and age, it seems like everybody just wants to swap the world, sticking their engine of choice in whatever platform will have it. Sure, you have your very common swaps like sticking a motor like a Coyote or LSX into a Fox Body Mustang but on the other hand, there are the ones that really come along and slap you in the face like the Hayabusa powered golf cart that takes the liberty of taking a Hayabusa engine out of a motorcycle and sticking it in a golf cart. How was that for unexpected?

This time, we check in on engine swap that, while it might not be quite as unexpected as the Busakart, really delivers with a high level of surprise, giving the machine a massive sleeper appeal. What started out as none other than your very average Saturn econo-box has become quite a performance machine with the flip of a switch. Outside, this your mundane set of steel wheels and otherwise drab body that might not indicate much but once you start to dig around under the hood, you’ll find that the power that gets this thing going that comes in the form of an LS engine, an LS that was plucked out of a Chevrolet Impala SS to be a little bit more specific.

The video below starts out a little bit slow, but after a while, it really has a big payoff as we get to see just how someone managed to shoehorn LS power into a very unsuspecting Saturn. If this isn’t one way to spell out S-L-E-E-P-E-R, I’m not really sure what is. Not only does an engine like this improve the cool factor of the Saturn by a ton but it also makes it a heck of a lot quicker!