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LSX Powered Mini Truck With a MASSIVE Turbo Gets Down On The Street!

While, in practice, going fast might be a lot easier said than done, the formula to make it all happen is rather simple. All that needs to happen is an addition of power, subtraction of weight, and a little bit of traction thrown into the mix to make it all hook up. Once you can get all of that together, you might just have yourself a rowdy little racing machine that can do a little bit of damage out there on the streets. It looks like this mighty little Toyota pickup truck has figured out just that formula and the driver is heading out to the streets with it to put it all to good use, going head to head with several opponents in a drag racing format.

In this one, we get the chance to get up close and personal with the rather small truck that has received a transplant of the LS variety that is nicely complimented by a decent sized turbo that’s pushing air to the tone of demanding victory. Not only is this thing fast, but seeing something different out there making an impact while drag racing is a breath of fresh air of sorts to watch as it heads down the racing surface and takes home its fair share of victory! If nothing else, this thing is a ton of fun to watch as it gets down to business!

Check out the video down below that takes you along on the journey with this truck that has it stepping to the plate against a variety of opponents and completely knocking it out of the park! Be sure to follow along with the awesome machine and tell us what you think of the truck as it makes waves in its natural habitat. I’d say that it’s not too bad for a little old Nissan pickup truck!