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LSX Shop Takes on Viper Build and Things Get Insane

To those who are outside of the automotive performance industry and have never dealt with the ins and outs that come along with spending a lot of money to go fast, something like this might take you by surprise. However, the phenomenon where someone gets turned away from a shop the doesn’t specialize in a certain kind of vehicle Is actually fairly common.

At the end of the day, when a shop builds up enough a name that the business is flowing pretty well through one platform that they know every intricacy of, it doesn’t really make very much sense for them to start working on other platforms most of the time.

The perfect example of this unfolding in real life is when an individual with the latest generation of SRT Viper hit up the guys at Vengeance Racing, insisting that they build his car, at which point Vengeance was happy to recommend a couple of other shops that would gladly take on the job. However, it seems that this particular soon-to-be customer was rather insistent and eventually showed up on their front doorstep for a meeting and, upon inspecting the car and having a long conversation with one another, both the customer and Ron Mowen, the owner of Vengeance, came to an agreement that this car would be built to be nasty and we are certainly glad that they took on the job because the result was awesome. Heck, it might’ve even inspired them to take on more of the same.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to see what happens when the shop that mostly builds General Motors performance vehicles takes on a Viper. It seems like they were able to familiarize themselves with the architecture of this Mopar rather quickly and crank out a result that is consistently blasting its way down the half-mile to passes topping 200 mph each time. Color us impressed!